Photo taken by Wee Ching Yee
Morning folks, it is officially 6a.a. in the morning as I am writing this article for you all , Hope you cant tell from my writing that I am actually in my half awake mood zone . hehe anyway, today I want to share another denim look which I love , you know denim is such a great material which to me is the perfect resemble for the fun , chic and young spirit . Wearing denim outfit can instantly make me feel younger , It doesn’t quite make sense but it is the truth . sometime I realize how material changes the total look of a simple outfit , this is how fashion evolve , the same design can be made differently with new materials such as leather with cool colours , or perhaps some fur faux ? the next thing you know , your shoes lace can be a cool dress too ?  super cool for this season .  


GREEN GARDEN . hello gorgeous! How was your day? me as usual , busy like a bee , but it is a good thing because busy schedule is what makes a productive day ! Well, I'm still trying to solve some issue I had with myself, for example , lately,  I’ve been trying to organize time wisely, as you all know how crazy excited I can be when I am working with a new garments or some new projects , which is why sometime it can be a big problem, I found myself putting so much time and energy in one thing , it does sound so unhealthy to me . This is why I have a new goal! I need to have a life, a balance lifestyle where I get to social with people outside my circle and perhaps continue my yoga practices and fix my sleeping problem . 
As you all know how much i know Zara , they always have the most beautiful dress and guess what? i got myself this adorable green dress few weeks ago which is still on Sales ! don’t you love the feeling of all that fabulous volume peplum is too gorgeous to pass up.
Dress: ZARA    Shoes: Charles & Keith   Jacket: My design


Photo Taken By Wee Ching Yee
PREPPY .  I suppose this is the outfit post which I am most excited to share with you all . Ching yee and I finally manage to squeeze in some time to make some photos for the blog which is great because we haven’t been able to really spend some time doing nothing but just talking .
I was so in the mood to try something different , so I decide to go for something preppy yet fun look. So here it is ! the preppy side of me !
Top: ZARA ,  Shirt -Mango  , Pants- Mango  ,  Shoes-charlesandkeith


Photo taken by Wee Ching Yee

Floral floral .  Is it because I have been stop writing for a very long time that my writing power has long gone or perhaps I’m too exhausted to think due to my busy school life .  I am probably too tired, maybe I am .  sometime when you do something you love in your life, people really can see it . I guess this is why I still feel happy even though I am always tired like a pig once I get home but you know what? It is worth it , seeing what you have achieve is the greatest feeling ever , so guys and girls, if you have a dream , go for it! Never hide .
Today I just want to share a simple dress look , I call it The dress because I feel like there are no better words I could say more about this dress. I really like the cute print of the dress and not to mention about the flattering cutting which make our waist look extra smaller , it is really a great way to dress up in the hot weather here in Malaysia .

Dress - Forever 21 / watch- guesswatch


Photo taken by Wee Ching Yee
FLOW .  Hello everyone! Honestly, I can’t feel more blessed right now , being able to do what you love is a gift and I truly have to pinch myself to believe it . Last month was my busiest month ever, I devote all my time and energy in my school work but my mind can never stop thinking about Circle Et Hemisphere, here is where I found my freedom in expression my thoughts and fashion . I miss planning and creating outfit looks for the blog and not to say it is extremely fun to shoot with my dear friend Chingyee ! I never been so relish in something except for sure you know fashion . 
Today’s look is very summery , this itsy bitsy tenny weenie singlet top has proven to be more than just an ordinary beach look. You know hot is the weather here in Malaysia .  I’ve been really into lightweight outfit , I combining this little top with a ladylike midi skirt which add a hint of daring .  


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