Photo taken by Wee Ching Yee. 
ELEGANCE. Looking back to all the collaboration I did with Guess watch, I can’t believe it has been quite a long time we team up together to create look for their watches and each project has been getting more exciting and fascinating and you know how much I relish challenge  . When I receive the watch, I know I wanted to create an elegance look for this particular watch.  It took me a few days to gather my ideas to style this watch which I found it so interesting . it cinched fabulously around our wrist and no kidding , I never love a silver watch as much as this one . the classic design of the watch adds a contemporary feel to the pieces without going over the top. I decide to wear a denim-like dresses but with a flattering low neckline cuts for a more elegance and classic look . as you all know denim has always been one of the guess initial designs , which is also why I wanted to style the watch inspired by them with blue as the main colour. Less is definitely more, I wanted to keep everything simple and classic , so I ended the look with a dark purple heels .


Photo taken by Wee Ching Yee

PRINTS. Perhaps I am too anxious or maybe lately my mind has been covered with all the sewing stuff because recently, I find myself having hard time to write , it’s like I am completely uninspired , all I wanted is to get some rest and try to let my brain rest for a while. But we all know it is impossible to do that when you heart and mind is all excited about everything and all you want to do is wake up as early as you can to start a productive day. well.. who doesn’t love doing what you love the most in your life? Isn’t the best feeling ever? Sometime I consider myself a workaholic, I just can’t stand myself doing nothing , it is usually unusual for me to lying on the couch watch movie all day long .


What’s make you smile in the morning ? For me , a good breakfast is what make me happy and excited for tomorrow . I could be the happiest girl in the world if I get to eat my ultimate family’s fried meehon. Did I ever told you all how much I love meehoon? Especially my mom’s recipe , it is the perfect dish. So today I wake up in my widest smile on my face, sitting on my kitchen island chair waiting for my mum to do her magic in the kitchen . Isit the perfect morning you wish to have every morning?

To be completely honest with you, I am so badly in love with what I do, I mean , how does it even make sense? I wake up feeling like I’m living in my dream, I honestly have to pinch myself to believe it was real. I’m not saying I am living in a stress- free , over pamper life because it wasn’t true .  What I am so happy about is I get to learn new things every day , I get to explore the real skill to make a perfect fitting garment, I get to experience the fear and pressure . it was a perfect feeling and experience. Call me crazy, but I can be over attach to stress , I love to work, I love to feel productive and busy because that means I am doing something in my live which is good . 


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